This Story Was Inspired By True Events


This was Saturday’s Abraham-Hicks’ Daily Quote:

“If you believe that you must work hard in order to deserve the money that comes to you, then money cannot come to you unless you do work hard. Financial success, or any other kind of success, does not require hard work. It does require alignment of thought. You simply cannot offer negative thought about things that you desire and then make up for it with action or hard work. When you learn to direct your own thoughts, you will discover the true leverage of Energy alignment.”

I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks since 2008, shortly after I had been introduced to Rhonda Byrne’s wildly popular book, The Secret.  After 20 years of studying Jesus’ teachings from the Bible, learning the Law of Attraction explained to me in intellectual terms what faith and believing were and how to make them work.  “Ask and you shall receive” (Luke 11:10) came alive for me.

Immediately upon reading the Abraham-Hicks’ quote I was reminded of a snippet from the movie of “The Secret” that has always stuck in my mind.   The man’s voice is funny to me and he comes across sort of comical, but what he said about “receiving checks in the mail” played loud and clear in my head after reading the above quote.

So I said to myself, “Okay.  I’m going to receive a check in the mail today!”  Now I had no idea how that was going to happen, why it would happen, or from whom it would come, but according to all the teachings those are questions I don’t need to answer.  I just have to believe that I have received.

I went about my day and even saw the postal carrier pull up, but I had already forgotten my claim that he would be the bearer of much moolah.

Later in the afternoon I remembered that “I was going to receive a check in the mail” and said out loud (to the cats), “Oh yeah!  I need to go get my check outta the mailbox.”   And, true to my modus operandi, I got distracted and forgot.

About 6:00p I took some items to my car, remembered my claim, and said to myself, “I’ve got to get my check!”  I bound up the stairs of my front porch, stuck my hand in the mailbox, and felt one envelope.  I pulled it out and … it was a check.  I kid you not.  I said for the whole world to hear — okay, my neighbors — “No ***ing way!!”

Way.  Inside the envelope was a check for an insurance claim I forgot I had filed.  (We’ll save that little accident story for another time.)  I was stunned from shock and joy and the realization that, “Ask and you shall receive,” is real.  Really real, folks.  I sported a wide ass grin the rest of the day and night … and am even grinning now.

So I’m openly declaring that I always get checks in the mail!  Laugh at me if you will, but I will be the one laughing last and grinning widely.